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P.s This is a picture of my cat

So I finally relented and have taken the day off but my brain won't switch off.; I have this strange sense of calm and positivity with everything that has happened this week and at the same time this intense urge to run around screaming with my arms flailing about.

I feel good (or will feel good) about what is happening job wise, I am soon going to be able to give something 100% of my focus I feel like I have been halfassed and barely understanding what I am doing day to day, I know logically that this isn't true but I can't help but feel like I have been completely inept over the last few months and everyone is going to be relieved with the change. I am also not going to miss the feeling a literally feeling physically ill every single day because of how much stuff there is to do, both of the teams I manage at the moment have SO MUCH  WORK & not enough people (well one has enough people, just not the right people hah) but both teams need 100% dedication and I just can't do it.

I guess the thing I feel the best about is that the person who should have been doing this all a long now has the chance to show everyone exactly what those of us who work closely with her every day see; a smart, capable and hardworking woman who is going to kick ass and turn the team around for the best (possibly after the suckfest that is July)

I really shouldnt check my work email whilst I am at home, it makes me want to never go back ever again. Ever.

Though I am glad if I go in tomorrow that there will be no one else there so I can actually get stuff done.

This is a whiney sooky lala post, woe is me.

Why isn't ' i want to stab myself in the face' a mood?

PS. I totally forgot to add a picture of my cat!!!!!!!

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