fifi_moon (fifi_moon) wrote,

You Have Been Changbanged

It has been awhile since I last posted but I shall not wallow in the shitpile my life is at the moment because you know what there are more important things happening in the world.

Like the following

TVXQ ( i did type DBSK first but apparently this is not kosher). I need some resolution here people. Please Korean Court system hurry up and let us know which side you are on! We (I) Need to know! I need to be able to organise time off work to deal with the grief and come up with a convincing enough lie for when I breakdown at work if the news is released while I am there. I don't think my boss would be cool with me bursting into tears then going on a mad rampage through the office like a banshee screaming and punching people in the face (its not like a majority of them don't deserve it) but I will need a better reason other than 'OMFG TVXQ/DBSK/MYFUTUREHUSBANDS BOY BAND JUST BROKE UP AND I NEED TO GO HOME AND CUT MYSELF TO DEAL WITH THE OVERWHELMING GRIEF AND HOPELESSNESS I NOW FEEL'

Korean Netizens - Hey guys, pls stop. Why for you must try to destroy EVERYONE. Enciting conflict between fanclubs, being so full on that you actually manage to drive someone from the country (i am both impressed and horrified) and then just basically being mischief makers. Chillax guys and feel the freakin' love.

Family Outing - I love this show. For reals. It is a sick sick sick love. Jaesuk please stop being the coolest human being on earth. It just isn't right.

Hyorish - It's funny. The end.

Who knew that by receiving a random GIF all those months ago that my life would be ruined, my wallet emptied and my iPod now full of Kpop.
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